Name Job title Organisation Interests
ibullock's picture
Ian Bullock Web Developer Digital Echidna
travis-echidna's picture
Travis Neilans Web Developer Digital Echidna DRUPAL!
lbainbridge's picture
Luke Bainbridge PHP Developer Digital Echidna
waynethayer's picture
Wayne Thayer Front-end Developer Digital Echidna
xylene's picture
Natasha Scott
andymci's picture
Andy McIlwain Organizer Toronto WordPress Group Andy McIlwain (andymci) is an organizer of the Toronto WordPress Group and WordCamp Toronto. His experience with Drupal only skims the surface, but he's trying to learn more... honest!
amir.kadivar's picture
Amir Kadivar Web Developer Evolving Web
natearcher's picture
Nate Archer
mvolodin's picture
Mikhail Volodin
tstockton's picture
Toni Stockton
LittleCoding's picture
Rob Little Freelance Developer Little Coding
kpaxman's picture
Kevin Paxman Drupal Developer University of Waterloo
Jonathan Cohlmeyer's picture
Jonathan Cohlmeyer Designer & Developer JRC9 Design Design, Art, Photography
pkiff's picture
Philip Kiff
erin's picture
Erin Marchak
nickgee's picture
Nick Gajewski
kolafson's picture
Kris Olafson CMS Team Lead University of Waterloo RDFa, aegir, deployment, automation, configuration management, project management
lykyd's picture
romain nirennold
peterwooster's picture
Peter Wooster Senior Develpoer Silver Maple Web web development, WordPress, Drupal, Symfony, Rails, Woodworking, dogs
paulheidema's picture
Paul Heidema Partner, VP Training & Development Berteig Consulting Inc. Agile, Plant-based food, Learning, Photography, Sports