Name Job title Organisation Interests
parakin's picture
Don Parakin
u44589's picture
Waqas Zia
emmajane's picture
Emma Jane Westby Education Development Coordinator Drupalize.Me
deviantintegral's picture
Andrew Berry Senior Architect Lullabot
Sean Rioux's picture
Sean Rioux Senior Developer and Designer Therefore Interactive media, UX, distribution architecture, responsive design
vlad.pavlovic's picture
Vlad Pavlovic University of Windsor
davidm's picture
David Malinowicz Project Manager Therefore Interactive
pgrucza's picture
Peter Grucza user experience, information architecture, usability, accessibility, theme development, taxonomy, module development
qasim's picture
Qasim Virjee Principal Design Guru
offdark's picture
Vladimir Toroniy University of Guelph
cheripper's picture
Stephany Lopez
thekenshow's picture
Ken Dow Owner Maricopa Information Design
pkhlop's picture
Pavel Khloponin
morgo's picture
Morgan Tocker DevOps/Database Administrator
colinchan's picture
Colin Chan Solution Architect Government of Ontario
rajeshjetty's picture
Rajesh Jetty
jsfwd's picture
Jocelyn Stretton
Tony's picture
Tony Nash
adixon's picture
Alan Dixon
daven's picture
David Numan Tech Lead / Engineer CivicActions