Name Job title Organisation Interests
andremolnar's picture
Andre Molnar Technical Lead Myplanet Digital Oh you know. Drupal, OOP PHP, Javascript and js frameworks like Angular JS, Process, Scrum, CEM, and all sorts of other things.
Henrik Bechmann's picture
Henrik Bechmann Proprietor Internet Commons website frameworks, website database applications, ecommerce applications, project management
jndvrk's picture
Jan Dvorak Web & Design Coordinator Institute for Work & Health
balleyne's picture
Blaise Alleyne Alleyne Inc.
gboudrias's picture
Guillaume Boudrias Developer Koumbit, Praxis Coop See
knicklabs's picture
Nickolas Kenyeres Web Developer Peapod Studios event driven programming
KAMYLO's picture
Camilo Acero JOIN
emarchak's picture
Erin Marchak Developer Myplanet Digital
robin416's picture
Robin Macrae Information Architect Earley & Associates SharePoint, WordPress and Drupal, /workspace/authoring UX design, content strategy development.
mparker17's picture
Matt Parker Drupal developer OpenConcept Consulting Inc. accessibility, inclusive design, user experience, Symfony, DevOps, Vagrant, Docker, small business, design, natural language, web applications
Rob Loach's picture
Rob Loach
victord's picture
Victor Diaz
shanly's picture
Shanly Suepaul Myplanet Digital
kwit7's picture
Krystle Manintveld
arvinsingla's picture
Arvin Singla Web Developer Myplanet Digital Durpal
ezufelt's picture
Everett Zufelt Tech Lead Myplanet Digital
kbahadur's picture
Ken Bahadur
Yoshi's picture
Yashar Rassoulli Director of Technology Myplanet Digital Drupal JavaScript
adamwhite's picture
Adam White Web Developer Upper Rapids
vamirbekyan's picture
Vahan Amirbekyan