Keynote Speakers

Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry is a Senior Architect at Lullabot who's been a contributor to the Drupal project since 2006. His journey with Drupal started with a student website that needed to change a sentence in the site footer. Two months and a migration later, Andrew was thoroughly addicted to the Drupal software and community. His contributions as deviantintegral on include several modules, patches to Drupal core, and online support. A self-proclaimed geek, he followed his passion with a Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Guelph. He's loved getting his nerd on in the Drupal community with people like you ever since!

Watch Andrew's "Druplicon's Fables" keynote presentation here:


Michael Keara

Michael Keara is a User Advocate who cares passionately about the quality of users' experience of technology. He believes the phrase 'Human-Computer Interaction' is a load of bunk because it masks the real story behind usability which is 'Human-Human Interaction via Technology'. Using a background of equal parts artist and developer, Michael carries out problem solving tasks from an 'observe first, ask questions later' approach. He sees no significant difference between well executed paintings and well designed system architecture.

Photo courtesy of Jan Miranda.