Platinum Sponsor Interview with Myplanet Digital

We'd like to thank Myplanet Digital for becoming our Platinum Sponsor at this year's DrupalCamp Toronto. We had a chance to ask Myplanet Digital's Dustin Walper a few questions about the company's involvement with Drupal and the Drupal community.

DrupalCamp Toronto is once again fortunate to have Myplanet Digital as a Platinum Sponsor. What motivates Myplanet Digital to be such a solid supporter of the local Drupal community?

Drupal is a big part of what we do! A lot of early Myplaneteers were key members of the Toronto Drupal User Group, and we want to keep the flame alive by continuing to support the community. We're especially excited about our move to downtown Toronto this fall - finally, an office we can hold meetups in without everyone complaining about how Markham is basically in Nunavut.

In addition to sponsoring local and other Drupal events, how else does Myplanet Digital contribute back to the Drupal community?

Lots of ways! From core contributions to contributed modules to accessibility, our team is committed to making Drupal better. We also have really cool hair. Except for Andre.

Tell us how Myplanet Digital hopes to connect with attendees at this year's DrupalCamp Toronto?

Mind meld! DrupalCamp, to us, is all about learning. We hope to leave a little smarter, and in turn that our team can impart some of their worldly wisdom upon others. And, since we all hate beer, we will be torturing our fellow Drupalists with free drinks.

What's next for Myplanet Digital and Drupal?

Myplanet is growing fast, and Drupal is a big part of that growth! With a big office move coming up and much work to do, we're focusing on harder, better, faster, stronger. You know, like Daft Punk.

Several Myplaneteers are attending DrupalCamp Toronto. If they were on a space exploration mission and an alien attacked their ship, how would they use Drupal to survive?

It's hard to imagine how an open source content management system could help one to fend off an alien invasion. One might postulate that, by offering free Drupal training to the aliens, they would become so enamoured that they would build nifty blogs instead of eating brains. That way they could share brain recipes and communicate with their little alienlings back home. Assuming they have some sort of interstellar series of tubes, of course...