Accepted Sessions

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Aegir 2: What's new? gboudrias

The next major version of the Aegir Hosting System is right around the corner! Come find out about its powerful new features.


Agile 101 shanly

Too often agile is mistaken to be equivalent to Scrum. In reality, Scrum is just one facet on the agile gem. Come hear about the motivation and philosophy behind agile.

Building Drupal sites the Lean way, via content strategy and agile development kev

There are so many buzzwords coming from Silicon Valley these days: Agile!  Lean!

Case Study: Building a Conference Website with Drupal Chris Luckhardt, crispin

We'll provide a complete overiew of how the DrupalCamp Toronto 2013 website was conceived, designed, developed and managed.

Case Study: Drupal in HigherEd - Digital Textbooks and More ydahi

At Ryerson, we have been working closely with Faculty and Students to develop an open learning environment built on Drupal.

Do the right thing: accessibility and inclusive design crispin

What developers, designers, content managers, and stakeholders need to know about the current state of web accessiblity, the laws in Ontario enforcing accessibility by January 2014, and how Drupal...

Drupal Development with Vagrant: Getting Started amir.kadivar

Vagrant is an open source tool that makes VirtualBox easy to use and developer friendly.

Drupal Distribution Strategies: Translating business requirements into technical specifications for distribution Sean Rioux

In this session we would explore how effective planning and research can help establish a sectoral framework to guide your distribution architecture. From establishing a ...

FAST local development with Kalabox + Pantheon Andrew_Mallis

Imagine you are an artist who wants to build a site for your studio. You don’t know anything about building a site and you are intimidated by all of these “hosting” plans. DNS WTF? Instead you...

From Interior Decorator to Architect: Changing How We Work emmajane

In 2008 I co-authored Front End Drupal. The Web was a different world back then. We were seeing the rise of a new role on the Drupal team: the themer.

Git Makes Me Angry Inside emmajane

You are a clever and talented person. You create beautiful designs, or perhaps you can architect a system that even a cat could use. Your peers adore you. Your clients love you.

How to incrementally integrate QA in an Agile Development Process ezufelt, shanly, benjamin_mark

As Drupal continues to grow to be a platform fit for large scale enterprise applications, integrating Quality Assurance (QA) into development processes will become more of a pressing concern.

Managing Your Drupal Project with Git colan

This session will introduce Git as a version control system (VCS).  We'll review basic use, and then have a discussion on other approaches (e.g. submodules).

Migrate all the things! Ryan Weal

Migrate allows you to bring content into your new Drupal site from a variety of data sources including past versions of Drupal.

Modules to Help Streamline User Experience & Improve Workflows qasim

Whether Drupal is used to create simple online publishing solutions or more robust web applications, developers often focus on implementing whatever a 3rd party designer has specified for the'...

Proviso: a revolution in local development Andrew_Mallis, patcon

Do you use MAMP? XAMPP? WAMP? Acquia Dev Desktop?

Do you feel FREE?

Do you feel POWERFUL?

Single Page Sites with Backbone.js and Drupal

We will explore building single page sites and JavaScript applications with Backbone.js using Drupal as a backend. This is a useful technique for building fast websites and mobile apps using...

Whose hook is it anyway?: A comedic look into Drupal 8 emarchak, mparker17

Improvisors and Developers team up to explain the inner workings of a Drupal 8 page load from start to finish.