Agile Project Management - Incorporating Tools, Teams, and Fun

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Deadlines, clients, budgets and scope. Just a few words that can increase one's heart rate, add further stress, and make or break your delivery timelines. All the while, you're attempting to construct a new process to handle requests and manage your team effectively. After much research you discover the Agile Methodology. But why Agile? What makes this workflow more attractive to programmers and digital project managers? What can a firm gain from this methodology, and what are the benefits to the client?

We'll also explore the tools used to properly plan, manage, and resolve stories and tasks to effectively bring a project to a close - on time and within budget.

The focus however, will be on the people involved. Agile emphasizes on the relationships between team members and how they interact and communicate. Your team resources do not work in silos - rather they're interdependent. Ongoing communication and knowledge sharing is key.

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