Building Drupal sites the Lean way, via content strategy and agile development


There are so many buzzwords coming from Silicon Valley these days: Agile!  Lean! Minimum Viable Product!   Much of this lingo comes from the startup context, where modern day prospectors are fishing for VC, dangling promises of "the next Instagram" or an idea that sounds generated from  ("it's like Netflix for Ugg Boots!").  

While Drupal is increasingly often used to build a "product", it's really only a minority of Drupal-based projects that  encompass a single principle value point like many typical startups.  Whether it's a nonprofit or government website peddling ideas and services, or a for-profit company selling tangible products, Drupal is often chosen because of its ability to handle many types of content and many end goals. 

But this strength is potentially its greatest weakness, as the trappings of scope creep and bloatware are around every corner.  
In this session i'll illustrate how Lean methods are not only relevant to typical Drupal web projects, but crucial to their success.  

I'll review some tools and workflow specific to Drupal that will help site builders, project managers, product owners and content strategists ensure that their web projects have the most bang for their buck in the short and long term.  We'll look at doing how to move from content strategy--including audits, audience research, and content creator interviews--into design and development.  We'll also look at how user stories, metrics, and focus groups can provide the needed feedback to keep the project on track, early and often.  

This session is aimed at anyone involved in project using Drupal.  

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