Case Study: Drupal in HigherEd - Digital Textbooks and More


At Ryerson, we have been working closely with Faculty and Students to develop an open learning environment built on Drupal. Currently named Spark, this environment allows instructors to create digital "textbooks" using a variety of media, including streaming video, audio, and media across the web.

Spark empowers instructors by enabling the creation of free-form, open-ended, and student-driven textbooks. Further, the site enables students to self-monitor their progression, leverage the content as additional learning material, and contribute tutorials and other learning material they have crafted.

I will be demostrating the Spark system by "taking a course" as a student and "building a course" as an instructor. I will also demostrate, time willing, the SparkPlug - a portable, personal video capture and streaming system developed as part of this project.

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