Drupal Development with Vagrant: Getting Started


Vagrant is an open source tool that makes VirtualBox easy to use and developer friendly. It is specifically useful for web development because it makes it easy for developers to test and deploy their software on a consistent platform despite the variety of tools they might use. In this session, I will go through building a Drupal development stack using Vagrant. We will see how you can:

  1. spin up a virtual machine using Vagrant,
  2. use a provisioning tool like Chef to install a web server, a database, and development utilities on the virtual machine,
  3. using Chef, configure user accounts, file permissions, the web server, and the database to install and serve your Drupal site.
  4. integrate all this in your development workflow.

This session could possibly serve as a good introduction to "Proviso: a revolution in local development".

You can find the slides here.

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