Drupal Distribution Strategies: Translating business requirements into technical specifications for distribution


Drupal distributions can be a powerful tool in your shop or agency kit— allowing streamlined workflows, productization and project scalability. But there are challenges in effectively planning and deploying distributions.

Planning smart distribution and deployment architecture requires  decision making that meets the specific business requirements of the sector, market or client you're building for while maintaining scalability. Since the hope is to deploy a distribution that suits the needs of multiple projects, a well built distribution must be focused enough to fit the needs of individual sites but general enough to deploy industry wide.

In this session we would explore how effective planning and research can help establish a sectoral framework to guide your distribution architecture. From establishing a glossary to guide Vocabulary building, to mapping out Features and Content types according to specific business requirements or goals— this session would consider methods for business requirement focused distribution planning, using specific case studies.

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