Power for the Masses -- a dev workflow metamodel for Drupal tourists and locals

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What if a technical inventory of localdev and PaaS resources existed? And these assets were interlinked with a semantic vocabulary? Then we cherry-picked Enterprise Architecture concepts to tool an interoperability solution for anyone building with Drupal? Sounds like a dream vacation.

What are we talking about?

First we introduce the need for a universal, dynamic, repeatable approach to classification on the way to a common language for local and cloud-based development workflow. We touch on markup attributes, machine readability, and data interchange in the context of RDF/RDFa, pitched up against higher order projects outside of Drupal.

Next we mash up an existing standard/protocol for conceptual modeling with another framework that factors communication primitives and abstraction into structure. The product is an ontology that serves as a conceptual model of development workflow, something new to Drupal and its diverse user base.

The session wraps with insight to the process of coding the metamodel into a sample or final product, for an audience that needs solutions today—not just devs but the entire Drupal community worldwide. Talking about implementation should uncork the rich potential we have to help.

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