Proviso: a revolution in local development


Do you use MAMP? XAMPP? WAMP? Acquia Dev Desktop?

Do you feel FREE?

Do you feel POWERFUL?

Maybe you've tried (and perhaps succeeded) in rolling Vagrant-based virutal machines for your team? So have we. Most Drupal shops are on this path, but it's laden with obsticles, quirks, dependencies, and hacks. Certainly we can solve this with a little teamwork!

At Drupalcon Portland, devopsy members of Kalamuna, Myplanet Digital, Koubmit, Zivtech, Reality Loop and more converged on the problem over (many) beers. This group of concerned citizens and organizations is growing and working under the banner Proviso

Proviso aims to be an SDK+API to provision platform-independent local VMs for Drupal development. The project seeks to develop an extensible framework and ecosystem for developers to achieve parity with multiple production deployment targets, as well as a one-click installer control panel that makes advanced local development accessible.

Here are our design goals.

Come to this session to learn more about what we are up to, how you can participate, and why we're all hot and bothered about Proviso.

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