Whose hook is it anyway?: A comedic look into Drupal 8


It is often said that you never really understand something until you have to explain it to someone else.

In this session, we'll challenge major players in Toronto's Drupal Community to explain exactly what's going on beneath the hood in Drupal 8. Andre Molnar, Rob Loach and a few surprise guests will describe everything from an initial page callback to the final rendering.

To confirm that these explanations are in fact successful, we've invited a few of Toronto's finest comedians to illustrate the Drupal process. With no previous experience using Drupal, they'll (hopefully) reiterate the explanation given by our developers in the form of improvised comedy.

Their success isn't guaranteed. But we do guarantee that it will be a hilarious overview of the Drupal 8 environment from start to finish.

- - - -

Tomes is a Toronto based improv troup that specializes in improvised adaptations of (the covers of) forgotten paperback fantasy novels. They are performing at the Toronto Fringe until July 14th, 2013. Tickets are avalible online at http://fringetoronto.com/fringe-festival/shows/tomes/


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