WYS(is not always)WYG(but it can be)

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Configuring WYSIWYG editors and image handling is a laborious process, riddled with caveats and best practices. The number of contributed modules extending the WYSIWYG experience is vast, and their configuration can be a quagmire.

We will navigate this territory and outline how to get your admin theme's edit forms to preview content as it will look on save (that's WYSIWYG, isn't it?).

  • Text (input) format best practices
  • How (and why) to configure better_formats and wysiwyg_filter
  • Inline image strategies
  • Helper modules and configurations for image handling (media, filefield_paths, filefield_sources, pathauto , transliteration, image_resize_filter, imce).
  • Media asset permissioning use-cases

The presentation will be accompanied by an installation profile and Features to get you from 0-60 in a speedy manner.

However, we assume that you' already got something running, and need a fix, a tip, a plan.

The methodology we'll follow is explained step by step in this google doc so you can pick up the parts you need, as you need them.

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